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From the beginning, our purpose has only been one: to deliver to every person around the world and put on his or her table, fruit intact in flavor, nutritional properties and with the natural and unique quality of our land.
To achieve this, we protect the integrity of the fruit in each part of the process, certify our plants by internationally recognized quality and food safety standards such as HACCP and BRC, and constantly innovate, seeking the balance among technology, nature, and human touch.

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What characterizes all our customers, foreign importers, Chilean producers and exporters, is the interest to always deliver a product according to the expectations of the demanding consumers around the world, who are increasingly aware of both their diet and the origin and treatment of the food they eat, searching in their particular form and custom, to incorporate to their dishes wellness and quality of life.

Chile, a generous

Thanks to an ideal combination of climatic and geographical factors, Chilean fruits have worldwide recognition. With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, the long, narrow strip of land, facilitates the cultivation of different species in each of the geographical areas, thus promoting optimal growth and ripening fruit.

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