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Besides from making a big effort in harvesting the best fruit of Chilean orchards, our location in the Central Valley of Chile, and a proper, carefull growing of our orchards, allows us to obtain a unique product with exquisite purity. Huertos del Valle is engaged to fulfilling its consumer’s needs, through achieving high quality, innocuousness and product time delivery requirements, based on a process of continuos improvement of a safe and reliable production for human consumption.

Walnut tree

This species is likely to be cultivated between the latitude 28 and 42 degrees south, but its production is concentrated between the 33 and 35 degrees. Nowadays, it’s estimated that the Chilean Walnut trees proceed still, in a high percentage, from seed plants. Nevertheless, according to non official estimations the varietal composition has changed at 50 % out of the total of the planted area with grafted trees.

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Almond tree

The almond production area ranges from latitude 28 to 42 degrees south, concentrating between 33 and 35 degrees. The main varieties in Chile are the Nonpareil and its pollinating, Carmel (very good product variety). Usually a third pollinating plant is planted to a lesser extent, on which there i s little consensus, which may be Solano, Sonora, Price, Fritz, etc.

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European plum

The plums are grown from latitude 32 to 36 degrees south (Central Valley regions V to VII). The most common varieties are used for dehydration D'Agen, President and Imperial Epineuse. The most important in Chile is the D'Agen which concentrates 95% of the area planted and, due to its high sugar level, is particularly suitable for dehydrating, allowing to achieve a high quality product.

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